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Reading Resources

Modified Curriculum Pacing Guides

The Pacing Guides for modified Curriculum will assist teachers to navigate through the curriculum. They will provide directions as to what Access Points are to be covered for a given time frame and instructional resources to be utilized to deliver instruction. 

The Access Course Pacing Guides are found below and are also found in the Access Course Team Rooms. 

Element Cards 

Element Cards are available to assist in planning for instruction. They are designed to promote understanding of how students move toward the B.E.S.T Standards. Element Cards contain one or more access points, essential understandings, suggested instructional strategies, and suggested supports.


Additional Resources That We LOVE:

The ACCESS Project

The ACCESS Project has developed scripted ELA lessons based on the Florida Standards Access Points and they are HERE for your review. Look under the "LASSIS" tab that you see just under the ELA tab. Hover with your mouse over ELA Resources and it will appear. 

Computer desktop

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox will be available for K-12 self-contained, modified curriculum teachers. You can now access it when you log in to i-Ready. Look on the right column of your screen for the "Teacher Toolbox" and click there. 

This is an EXCELLENT resource for small group rotations and really helpful for our teachers who would like additional materials to work on prerequisite skills. 


Locate adapted works of literature and lessons to use in your classroom HERE! LOTS to select from including popular novels such as "The Great Gatsby" or "A Christmas Carol". Check it out!

Tarheel Reader

This website provides you with access to hundreds of short stories that you can use in your classroom to teach the Access Point Standards. It is important that you REGISTER so that you can gain access to the full collection of stories. Directions to register on Tarheel Reader are as follows:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the icon located at the top left corner of the page

  3. Click on "Login"

  4. Click on "Register"

  5. Enter your demographic information

  6. Enter the registration code: Literacy! (case sensitive)


Once you have created your account, you may search for books by clicking on the icon located at the top left corner. To search for any book, click on "FIND A BOOK." To search for collections and short stories, click on "COLLECTIONS".


Florida Center for Reading Research

fcrr logo-55680f9906e3b47f5507700c26036f

The Florida Center for Reading Research has excellent activities and resources 
that may be used in your classroom. Once you go to the website, click on RESOURCES. From there, click on STUDENT CENTER ACTIVITIES.

  • Newsela is an instructional content platform that promotes reading engagement and learning.

  • It offers a wide variety of short high interesting articles are short in length with related activities and quizzes.

  • Teachers and students can access it through the Apps/Service/Sites of the Employee Portal.

  • Articles are written at varying Lexile levels and teachers have the option to filter the selection of articles to meet their needs. This would work nicely as a supplement to instruction in Science, Social Studies, and Reading. 


Here is a preview of an article on Newsela. As you can see you can do a search for a topic of your choice and within that search, you can refine further to your audience and the skill or topic you are working on.



Readworks is similar to Newsela. This site offers high interest articles at various complexity levels. This site goes to a lower readability level than Newsela, so if you find that Newsela is not a good match for a student, you may want to work in Readworks as well. Click here to visit the site.


Rewordify simplifies text to make it easier to understand. Kids paste text or a web page address into the tool. It then replaces the difficult words in the text or web page with simpler words or definitions. In the tool’s settings, kids can choose their reading level. They can also choose how the simplified text is displayed. Click here to visit.

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Ms. Warner's Learning Community:

This is an excellent website with resources and links to websites for all subjects.  Click here to visit.

Additional Websites:

  • Click HERE to visit the MDCPS ELA/Reading Department's website. They offer a variety of resources to support instruction.

  • Graphic Organizers are a great tool for your classroom to support comprehension of text. Visit to view their selection.

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