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Modified Curriculum Pacing Guides

The Pacing Guides for modified Curriculum will assist teachers to navigate through the curriculum. They will provide directions as to what Access Points are to be covered for a given time frame and instructional resources to be utilized to deliver instruction. 

The Access Course Pacing Guides are found below and are also found in the Access Course Team Rooms. 

Element Cards 

Element Cards are available to assist in planning for instruction. They are designed to promote understanding of how students move toward the B.E.S.T. Standards. Element Cards contain one or more access points, essential understandings, suggested instructional strategies, and suggested supports.


Additional Resources That We LOVE:

The ACCESS Project

The ACCESS Project has developed scripted Math lessons based on the Florida Standards Access Points and they are HERE for your review. Look under the "MASSIS" column located at the right hand side of your screen. There are WORKSHEETS and ASSESSMENTS here. Visit!

Discovery Education

 Visit Discovery Education and search for the topic that Math Pacing Guides are covering to find videos and related activities. You can access Discovery Education on the Apps/Services/Sites page of your Employee Portal.


Interactive Sites for Education

Interactive Sites for Education offers engaging activities for your interactive board in the area of Mathematics. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Screenshot 2018-07-27 18.26.58.png

CPALMS Florida Students

CPALMS Florida Students is located in your Employee Portal on the Apps/Services/Sites page. You can filter your results by subject area and grade level. You will find standards-based lessons here to supplement your instruction. 

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This website offers resources that can be filtered by grade level and topic in math you are teaching. Click here to visit. 

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Mr. DeMaio

Screenshot 2018-08-15 22.15.03.png

Mr. DeMaio makes some GREAT math songs to go along with learning new concepts. Check it out by clicking on the picture!

Peek a Boo Kids

Screenshot 2018-08-15 22.20.35.png

Good content in these videos and they are engaging! Check it out by clicking on the picture above. Linked here as well.  

Mrs. Warner's Learning Community

Screenshot 2019-01-29 10.34.07.png

This is an excellent website with resources and links to websites for all subjects.  Click here to visit.

Geogebra Classroom Resources

Screenshot 2018-07-27 18.30.31.png

The Geogebra Classroom Resources website has a variety of resources that could support instruction of the Access Points. Check this website out by clicking here.

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